Online Ten Days Research Methodology Course in Social Sciences for MPhil/PhD Scholars

The ten-day online training programme on “Research Methodology in Social Science” for MPhil/PhD scholars was organised by ISID. The programme was sponsored by ICSSR. It was held online from March 8–18, 2021. The course covered various aspects of research methodology including research design, quantitative and qualitative methods, data preparation, and academic writing and interpretation. A total of 43 research students were selected on the basis of their academic discipline, research topic, gender, social background, and regional representation. The selected candidates belonged to diverse social science backgrounds such as economics, commerce, management, sociology, education, geography, political science, and social work. A total of 28 lectures were delivered excluding inaugural and valedictory sessions. Apart from subject experts from ISID, eminent academicians and specialists from reputed universities/institutes delivered lectures. The evaluation and valedictory sessions were presided over by Prof Nagesh Kumar and Prof M R Murty. At the end of the orientation programme, participants shared their overall assessment about the programme and Dr Rijesh proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was conducted jointly by Dr Reji Joseph and Dr R Rijesh.

The programme lectures can be accessed from the following table