Policy Roundtable on Opening Green Windows: Technological Opportunities for a Low-Carbon World


UNCTAD’s TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION REPORT 2023 highlights the opportunities that green innovation – goods and services with smaller carbon footprints – offer developing countries to spur economic growth and enhance technological capacities. The report analyses the market size of 17 green and frontier technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and electric vehicles, and their potential to create jobs. Now is the time for developing countries to capture more of the value being created in this green tech revolution – and use it to grow their economies, make them more resilient to shocks and reduce inequalities. UNCTAD calls on their governments and business communities to invest in more complex and greener sectors, boost technical skills and scale up investments in the technology infrastructure needed to grow green industries. To support this evolution, the report urges the international community to make global trade rules more supportive of emerging green industries in developing economies and reform intellectual property rights to facilitate technology transfer to these countries.