National Webinar: Deconstructing New Labour Codes – Implications for the News Media Workforce

Experts from media, law, policy, and academics discussed and analysed the four labour codes on wages, industry relations, social security and occupational safety, health and working conditions, and their implications for working journalists in a well-attended national webinar organised by ISID in collaboration with the Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME) on January 27, 2021.

The webinar in its two sessions – Keynote Session and the Expert-Speak Session – saw an active participation of 15 experts from across the spectrum. Mr Bhartuhari Mahtab, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Parliament on Labour, was one of the keynote speakers who gave many insights on the consultation process before the bills were presented to the parliament and what could and could not be achieved.

The webinar was convened by Prof Jaishri Jethwaney on behalf of ISID as a part of consultation for her Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Senior Fellowship Research, “Wages and Related Issues – A Critical Appraisal of the News Media Industry in India.” Post the webinar, a working paper based on her research and deliberations during the webinar was prepared and sent to all the stakeholders. Prof Seema Goyal was the co-convenor for the programme.

Working Paper: