Second ISID National Conference on India’s Industrial Transformation

Second ISID National Conference India’s Industrial Transformation:
Towards a Competitive, Inclusive, and Sustainable Manufacturing Sector

The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) in partnership with the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) is organizing the Second Annual National Conference on India’s Industrial Transformation: Towards a Competitive, Inclusive and Sustainable Manufacturing Sector 2024. The conference will take place at the ISID Campus, New Delhi.

India’s development aspirations cannot be realised without accelerated industrialisation creating decent job opportunities and fostering inclusive and sustainable development for its citizens. The industrial strategy needs to respond to the changed external context for manufacturing-led growth as well as explore the emerging opportunities in sunrise sectors that underpin the digital revolution and sustainable industrialization. The Second Conference would discuss opportunities for manufacturing-led economic growth, building further on the first conference. It would draw policy lessons from India’s development trajectory and the global experiences of late industrializers.

The key themes that would be addressed at the conference include:

o Industrial Strategy for a Manufacturing-led transformation
o Harnessing the Potential of Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Supply Chain Restructuring
o Fostering Labour-Intensive Manufacturing Sectors through MSMEs
o Innovative activity and Digital Industrialization for Competitiveness
o Leveraging Green Industrialization Opportunities
o Corporate Governance for Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Papers and Presentations

This call for papers invites unpublished research and policy papers from authors on the relevant themes. The papers will be selected through a peer-review process. Interested authors may send in full papers of 6000-9000 words (inclusive of abstract and reference list) including an abstract of up to 150 words.

Travel and accommodation

Travel grants and accommodation will be provided to select young researchers.

Publication opportunity

The Institute will consider compiling select papers into an edited volume published by a reputed publisher.


The Conference would also combine keynote addresses by senior experts to set the agenda, competitive presentations, and policy roundtables, which will be arranged by invitation. The policy roundtables would involve senior researchers, policymakers, and industry experts for drawing policy lessons based on insights and analysis.

Submission timelines

o Submission of paper: September 10, 2024
o Paper acceptance would be communicated latest by October 15, 2024

The full paper should be submitted online using the following link 

For further queries and correspondence, email at [email protected]

First National Conference on Industrial Transformation of India: Building an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Competitive Manufacturing Sector to Realise the 2047 Vision on October 4-6, 2023