ISID Research Workshop

ISID organized a Research Workshop on March 31, 2023 for discussing findings of studies being conducted by faculty members. Nine research papers were presented by the faculty members. The workshop was chaired by Prof. Nagesh Kumar, Director, ISID. The presentations were commented upon by the participants including ISID Visiting Professors Prof Suma Athreye and Dr Shiladitya Chatterjee. Following research papers were presented in the workshop:

  • India’s Participation in Global Value Chains: Insights from Analytical Indicators and Way Forward (Isha Chawla)
  • R&D Statistics of India: Why is it an Underestimate and How can it be made more Realistic? (Reji K Joseph)
  • R&D behaviour and Outward Orientation of Indian Firms (K Seeneiah)
  • Trade, Structural Change and Productivity in the Indian Manufacturing Sector (R Rijesh)
  • Post -Crisis Trends in Inter-State Disparity in Organized Manufacturing (Mahua Paul)
  • India’s Strategy for Self-Reliance in Manufacturing Sector in the Post Pandemic Era: Trade Perspective (Ramaa Arun Kumar)
  • Public Sector Performance in India and the Ongoing Contestation Between Efficiency and Equity (Satyaki Roy & Santosh Das)
  • Impact of Pandemic on Firm Performance in India across Size and Sectors (Akhilesh K Sharma & Vanshika Jain)
  • Understanding the Firm Transition across Size and Sectors in India (Akhilesh K Sharma & Tripti)