ISID Research Seminar on Intra-Industry Trade in Manufactured Goods: A Case of India

The Institute organized a research seminar on “Intra-Industry Trade in Manufactured Goods: A Case of India” based on research work by Dr. Manmohan Agrawal, Visiting Professor, ISID, and Dr. Neha Betai, Academic Associate, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on September 16, 2022. Since the second world war, it was observed that trade between two countries could not be explained entirely by the classical and neoclassical models of trade that emphasized inter-industry trade. It was found that trade between countries was increasingly dominated by Intra-industry trade (IIT), where countries exchanged products that fell in the same category.

The research explores the nature of trade between India and its top fifteen trading partners and tries to determine the factors that drive Intra-industry trade (IIT) in India. It specifically focuses on manufactured products and divides them into ten categories based on their technological content. The analysis reveals that while India’s IIT has increased in recent years, it is not the dominant form of trade between India and its most important partners. Also, India’s comparative advantage and trade agreements play a positive and significant role in increasing IIT. Lastly, an analysis of the category Medium Technology Manufactures – Process reveals that this sector has the potential for higher IIT and gains from it if India can enhance its efficiency and increase its size.

The presentation was followed by discussions initiated by Prof. Parthapratim Pal, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta; Prof. C. Veeramani, IGIDR, Mumbai; and Dr. Isha Chawla, Consultant, ISID. The webinar was moderated by Prof. Nagesh Kumar, Director, ISID. Around 60 persons attended the webinar and more than 80 persons viewed it on YouTube till 30th September 2022.

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