XV Annual Conference of the Knowledge Forum: Technology and Economy


The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) announces hosting the 15th Global Knowledge Sharing (Knowledge Forum) Conference on the theme “Technology and Economy” from 16th to 17th December 2022. The Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing (Knowledge Forum) http://fgks.in is a specialised, interdisciplinary global forum. It deals with science, technology and economy interface and aims at providing a platform for scholars belonging to different institutions, universities, countries and disciplines to interact, exchange their research findings and undertake joint research studies. Since there is lack of an inter-disciplinary forum for experts from various fields to interact, collaborate, and share their knowledge on the issues involved in technology creation and transfer, as well as other issues relating to global business, the Forum aims to provide a platform to meet and interact with technologists and social scientists alike.   The two-day conference covers competitive academic papers and panel discussions relating to the following broad topics related to technology and economy such as Big Data; Creative Industries; Foreign Direct Investment; Environment and Sustainable Development; Financial Sectors; Global Value Chain; Innovation and Development; Social Entrepreneurship; and Water Resource Management.  


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