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Subscribed Magaznies & Journals

List of Magazines Subscribed

  1. Better Photography (Monthly)
  2. Business India (Fort-nightly)
  3. Business Today (Fort-nightly)
  4. Business World (Weekly)
  5. Capital Market (Fort-nightly)
  6. Down to Earth (Fort-nightly)
  7. Electronics for You (Monthly)
  8. Front Line (Fort-nightly)
  9. Hard News (Monthly)
  10. India Today (Weekly)
  11. India Today Hindi (Weekly)
  12. Outlook (Weekly)
  13. PC Quest (Monthly)
  14. Power Politics (Monthly)
  15. Science Reporter (Monthly)
  16. Week (Weekly)

List of Journals Subscribed

  1. Abhigyan (Quarterly)
  2. Agricultural Economic Research Review (Bi-Annual)
  3. Agricultural Situation in India (Monthly)
  4. Annals of Library and Information Studies (Quarterly)
  5. Anvesak (Quarterly)
  6. Arth Anvesan (Bi-Annual)
  7. Arthavijana (Quarterly)
  8. ASCI Journal of Management (Quarterly)
  9. Asian Biotechnology and Development Review (Tri-Annual)
  10. Asian Economic Review (Tri-Annual)
  11. Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics (Bi-Annual)
  12. Asia-Pacific Business Review (Quarterly)
  13. Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies (Bi-Annual)
  14. Chartered Accountant (Monthly)
  15. Chartered Financial Analyst (Monthly)
  16. Chartered Secretary (Monthly)
  17. CMIE-EIS (Monthly)
  18. Commodity Vision (Bi-monthly)
  19. Contemporary Perspectives: History and Sociology of South Asia (Bi-Annual)
  20. Contributions to Indian Sociology (Bi-Annual)
  21. Decision (Bi-Annual)
  22. Delhi Business Review (Bi-Annual)
  23. Demography India (Bi-Annual)
  24. Economic & Political Weekly (Weekly)
  25. Economist (Weekly)
  26. E-Governance (Monthly)
  27. Environment and Urbanization Asia (Bi-Annual)
  28. Finance India (Quarterly)
  29. Focus WTO (Bi-monthly)
  30. Foreign Trade Review (Quarterly)
  31. Gender, Technology and Development (Tri-Annual)
  32. Global Business Review (Bi-Annual)
  33. ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance (Monthly)
  34. ICFAI Journal of Managerial Economics (Quarterly)
  35. IIMB Management Review (Quarterly)
  36. India Economy Review (Quarterly)
  37. Indian Economic and Social History Review (Quarterly)
  38. Indian Economic Journal (Quarterly)
  39. Indian Economic Review (Quarterly)
  40. Indian Foreign Affairs Journal (Quarterly)
  41. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics (Quarterly)
  42. Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing (Tri-Annual)
  43. Indian Journal of Economics & Business (Bi-Annual)
  44. Indian Journal of Economics (Quarterly)
  45. Indian Journal of Gender Studies (Bi-Annual)
  46. Indian Journal of Human Development (Bi-Annual)
  47. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations (Quarterly)
  48. Indian Journal of Labour Economics (Quarterly)
  49. Indian Journal of Millennium Development Studies (Serial Publications) (Bi-Annual)
  50. Indian Journal of Open Learning (Tri-Annual)
  51. Indian Journal of Political Science (Quarterly)
  52. Indian Journal of Public Administration (Quarterly)
  53. Indian Journal of Public Administration (Quarterly)
  54. Indian Journal of Public Health (Quarterly)
  55. Indian Journal of Regional Science (Bi-Annual)
  56. Indian Journal of Social Development (Bi-Annual)
  57. Indian Journal of Social Work (Quarterly)
  58. Indian Journal of Training and Development (Quarterly)
  59. Indian Journal of Transport Management (Quarterly)
  60. Indian Journal of Youth Affairs (Bi-Annual)
  61. Indian Management (Monthly)
  62. IPE Journal of Management (Bi-Annual)
  63. Jharkhand Journal of Social Development (Bi-Annual)
  64. Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (Quarterly)
  65. Journal of Economic Policy and Research (Bi-Annual)
  66. Journal of Educational Planning & Administration (Quarterly)
  67. Journal of Entrepreneurship, The (Bi-Annual)
  68. Journal of Family Welfare (Bi-Annual)
  69. Journal of Financial Management & Analysis (Bi-Annual)
  70. Journal of Global Economy (Quarterly)
  71. Journal of Governance and Public Policy (Bi-Annual)
  72. Journal of Health Management (Bi-Annual)
  73. Journal of Human Values (Bi-Annual)
  74. Journal of Income and Wealth (Bi-Annual)
  75. Journal of Indian School of Political Economy (Quarterly)
  76. Journal of Institute of Public Enterprises (Quarterly)
  77. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (Bi-monthly)
  78. Journal of International Economics (Bi-Annual)
  79. Journal of Library and Information Science (Quarterly)
  80. Journal of Managerial Finance and Research (Bi-Annual)
  81. Journal of Marketing Trend/Vistas (Bi-Annual)
  82. Journal of Quantitative Economics (Bi-Annual)
  83. Journal of Regional Development and Planning (Bi-Annual)
  84. Journal of Rural Development (Quarterly)
  85. Journal of Services Research (Bi-Annual)
  86. Journal of Social & Economic Development (Bi-Annual)
  87. Journal of Social and Economic Policy (Bi-Annual)
  88. Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economics (Bi-Annual)
  89. Journal of Venture Capital Financial Services (Bi-Annual)
  90. Labour and Development (Bi-Annual)
  91. Man & Development (Quarterly)
  92. Management Accountant (Monthly )
  93. Management and Change (Bi-Annual)
  94. Management and Labour Studies (Quarterly)
  95. Manpower Journal (Quarterly)
  96. Margin–Journal of Applied Economic Research (Quarterly)
  97. Medieval History Journal (Bi-Annual)
  98. Millennial Asia – An International Journal of Asian Studies (Bi-Annual)
  99. Nagarlok (Quarterly)
  100. Paradigm (Bi-Annual)
  101. Political Economy Journal of India (Quarterly)
  102. Prajnan (Quarterly)
  103. Prashasnika (Bi-Annual)
  104. Pratibimba (The Journal of IMIS) (Bi-Annual)
  105. Productivity (Quarterly)
  106. Rajagiri Journal of Social Development (Bi-Annual)
  107. RBI Bulletin (Monthly)
  108. RBI Occasional Paper (Quarterly)
  109. Review of Agrarian Studies (Bi-Annual)
  110. Review of Development & Change (Bi-Annual)
  111. Sarvekshana (Quarterly)
  112. Science, Technology and Society (Bi-Annual)
  113. SEDME Journal (Quarterly)
  114. Seminar (Monthly)
  115. Social Action (Quarterly)
  116. Social Change (Quarterly)
  117. Social Scientist (Quarterly)
  118. Social Work Chronicle (Bi-Annual)
  119. Sociological Bulletin (Bi-Annual)
  120. South Asia Economic Journal (Bi-Annual)
  121. South Asian Survey (Bi-Annual)
  122. Studies in History (Bi-Annual)
  123. Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (Bi-Annual)
  124. Urban India (Bi-Annual)
  125. Vikalpa (Quarterly)
  126. Vinimaya (Quarterly)
  127. Vision–MDI Journal (Quarterly)
  128. Yojana (Monthly)