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Political Economy of Mining in India


Author:??Nilmadhab Mohanty
Publishers:??Har-Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Hard Bound Book: Pages: 260 Rupees: 695
2017 Edition ISBN: 978-81-241-2003-3


India is considered a major mining country, but in terms of the availability and distribution of minerals, exploration of mineral reserves and production of mineral commodities, there are issues that have been shaped by its geography, politics, governance style and business behaviour which need careful analysis.


Many minerals remain unexplored. The production-pattern is skewed with significant production being in the areas of surface or bulk minerals while many important and critical minerals have no perceptible presence in the country???s production-basket. The country produces more than 80 minerals, but in none of these commodities is it the number one producer in the world. It has not yet created any world-class mining company. Good governance and responsible industry behaviour are critical pre-conditions for achieving successful and sustainable mineral development in any country.


The book, in that context, examines the political economy in which mining operates in India. The governance system comprising the laws and regulations on mining and environment are discussed along with the institutional arrangements for their implementation, monitoring and (judicial) review. The way in which the laws work and industry behaviour are also discussed.


The book concludes with a set of proposals for reform.


Nilmadhab Mohanty??was educated at the Ravenshaw College, Cuttack and the Allahabad University in India and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He has been a career civil servant and worked for the state (Odisha) and federal governments in India and the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the South Pacific. He ended his national civil service career as the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Government of India when he was also the chair of the country???s Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). He then worked for about a decade in top management positions of the Vienna-based United Nations specialized agency, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation), first as its Managing Director and then as the Principal Adviser to the organization???s Director General. He is now with the policy-think tank, the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), New Delhi, as Honorary Senior Fellow.


  1. Indian Mining Industry in the Global Context
  2. Legal Regime and the Role of Government
  3. Environment Policy, Law and Sustainable Development Framework
  4. How the Laws work
  5. Judicial Activism and Mining
  6. Industry Behaviour
  7. Hopes for the Future