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ISID Online Databases

The ISID online Databases are now being widely available to the public. People from all sectors and of all parts of the country and aboard will have easy access to knowledge in field of their interest to their needs.



Index of Indian Social Science Journals


ISID On-line Index to Indian Social Science Journals offers a unique facility to retrieve the desired information through keyword search to the users. The coverage has since been improved by not only keeping the index updated, but also by adding a number of new social science journals. Presently, the On-Line Database Index covers 252 Indian social science journals covering the disciplines of economics, political science, public administration, sociology, social anthropology, business management, finance, geography, social work, health and education, etc.


Documentation of Press Clippings Index

The Institute has been maintaining on-line computerized newspaper clippings on wide-ranging subjects and is referred to as the Press Clippings Index (PCI).



The index covers major English language newspapers including leading financial dailies. Selected clippings are stored in the form of digital images from the year 2000 and available on-line for registered users. The image retrieval system developed at the Institute helps users to search, identify and view the clippings at the click of a button.