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AVM Workshop

Six-day Online Workshop on Audio-Visual Media as a Tool in Research for Social Science Researchers

August 23-28, 2021


Objective of the Course


In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, practically the entire last year has been full of challenges for almost everyone. Educational institutions, teachers and scholars have had to quickly learn and adapt to new digital technologies and skills associated with them. Work from home and virtual training has become the new standard in most educational institutes and will probably continue to be so for some time. Virtual meetings, webinars and online presentations have become the new norm. The role of the audio-visual medium has also become more important. Although most have very quickly adapted to this new way of functioning, there is still a lot of potential for learning the art of using new technologies in research. One such art or skill is creating appropriate audio-visual content and its integration in research. Learning the skills and techniques of collecting and analysing audio-visual data for communicating quickly with greater impact can be of great benefit to many social science scholars, especially since these new tools have become increasingly user friendly and easily accessible.


The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) is organizing a Six-day Online Workshop on Audio-Visual Media as a Tool in Research for Social Science Researchers during August 23-28, 2021.


The focus of the workshop is to familiarise the participants with AVM tools and motivate researchers and academics to use this medium to not only enhance the content, but also reach a wider audience and have greater impact of their research. Practical hands-on training in production of audio-video material will also be emphasised. Broad elements of the programme are:


  • Understanding AVM — mass media in India and its use in various fields like education, development, health and corporate sector;
  • AVM as a tool in research — providing visual insight, supplementing other data, confirming or refuting findings, collecting and analysing visual data, subjectivity, authenticity and ethical issues;
  • Presentation and dissemination — effective communication of research findings by integrating audio-visual data into PowerPoint presentations, and starting a blog;
  • AVM production techniques — using mobile technology for basic camera and editing work, streaming video; and
  • Hands-on production of AV output


Target Group and Selection Process

Young researchers/teachers in academic institutions, colleges and university departments who are primarily from the social sciences discipline are eligible to apply. The batch will consist of 15-20 participants and selection will be based on relevance of research topic. The workshop will be conducted online. Those desirous of participating in the programme may kindly send their brief CV along with a write-up of around 500 words on their research topic so as to reach the Programme Coordinator, preferably through email at on or before August 15, 2021. Further details and programme updates are regularly posted at:



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Programme Coordinator
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
4 Vasant Kunj Institutional Area
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