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Access to Medicines in India

Author(s): Sakthivel Selvara, Dinesh Abrol, K.M. Gopakumar

Publishers: Academic Foundation

Hard Bound Book: Pages: 260
2014 Edition ISBN: 978-93-327-0144-1


This book discusses in great detail the critical barriers to access to medicines in India despite country ascending towards the role of ???Pharmacy of the global south???, it highlights several themes, considered as impediments to access to medicines while at the same time proposing viable policy options. Some of these themes include inadequate investment in public health care, inefficient and unreliable procurement and distribution of drugs, unaffordable drug prices and pharmaceutical patents. The book calls for scaling up investment and to replicate the success of a ???centralized procurement and decentralized distribution??? model of drug, as in the state of Tamil Nadu, which will pave the way for universal access to essential medicines in India.


Sakthivel Selvaraj??is with Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), New Delhi, as a senior Health Economist. He is currently engaged in teaching and research in the area of health care financing and pharmaceutical economics.

Dinesh Abrol??is professor in the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), New Delhi and Visiting Professor in the Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His research work focuses on the study of S&T policy, intellectual property rights, systems of innovation and industrial development.

K.M. Gopakumar??is the Legal Advisor and Senior Researcher with the Third World Network (TWN), New Delhi. His area of focus is the global intellectual property regime and its impact on developing countries.



  1. The Indian Health System: Current Trends and Patterns
  2. Economics Barriers to Access to Medicine in India
  3. The Price Barriers to access the Medicines
  4. Recent Performance of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. Patent and Access to Medicine: Constraints for the Use of Flexibilities
  6. Rational use of medicines in India
  7. Recent trends in India???s Pharmaceutical Innovation
  8. Assess to Essential Vaccines in India
  9. Pharmaceutical Regulation in India
  10. Conclusion and Future Policy Directions
  11. Post Script