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Indian Multinationals in the World Economy

India and China
Trade Complimentarities and Competitveness

T.P. Bhat, Atulan Guha, Mahua Paul


Hard Bound Book (5½" x 8¾"): Pages: xvii+368
2008 Edition ISBN: 978-81-89640-60-6
Price: Rs. 750.00

about the book

Rapidly growing India-China two-way trade has attracted the attention of scholars and trade policy formulators’ the world over. This spectacular growth took in the backdrop of China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). China’s accession to the WTO enabled smooth flow of goods with reduction in tariff duties and dismantling of non-tariff barriers. There are other factors too which made them are: opening up of both the economies and willingness to trade with each other on comparative advantage basis.

At the outset, broad comparison of both economies is highlighted in order to take stock of the changing paradigm. The book analyses the trade policy components of India and China and links up with historical perspectives of trade policy developments. The strength of competitiveness and complementarities of traded products in each other markets are assessed with secondary and primary data. The competition between the two countries in the third markets is evaluated. The role of FDI in export sector is examined. Finally, the efforts made by both the countries in regional and sub-regional economic cooperation are looked up of Asian common market.

about the Authors

T.P. Bhat is Professor at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi. He specializes in International Economics, WTO Affairs, International Finance and Macro Economics. Earlier, he was Professor Of International Economics at Amity Business School, NOIDA. He has worked in the International Economics Departments at FICCI and ASSOCHAM at senior levels. He has published several articles on a variety of Trade Issues. He is widely travelled as Member Secretary of FICCI Trade Delegations.

Atulan Guha is a young developmental economist with five years of experience in research and advisory assignments. His specialization is in the areas of International Macroeconomics, Trade Policy, Industrial Economics, Labour and Employment, Development Planning and Regional Development. He was member-convenor of the Working Group on Special Economic Zones for the 11th Five Year Plan of Kerala. Presently, he is the faculty at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi.

Mahua Paul is Assistant Professor at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi with nine years of research experience. Her interest lies mostly in International Trade, Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Quantitative Techniques and Forecasting. She was previously a Consultant at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. Her publications relate to application of econometric techniques in various fields of economics.


1. Introduction and overview
2. Framework

- Data Sources
- Methodology
- Plan of the Study

3. Trade policy Developments of India and China

Section I Trade Policy Development of China
Section II Foreign Trade Regime of India
Section III Trade Policy Comparison
Section IV China in WTO

4. Indo-China Bilateral Trade: Two-Way Trade

- Trade Intensity
- Major Exports from India to China
- Major Exports of China to India
- Comparison between Major Exports of India and China
- Reasons behind Increase in Indo-China Bilateral Trade

5. Structure and Potential of Indo-China Bilateral Trade

Section I Complementarity of Indian Export to Chinese Import
Section II Competitiveness of Indian products into China’s Market
Section III Potential of Indian Export to China
Section IV Structure of Chinese Export to India
Section V Impact of structural Changes on Bilateral Trade

6. Report of the Primary Survey

- Exporting Companies
- Manufacturing Companies
- Trading Companies

7. Competition in Third Market

- Competitive Power
- China in Global Trade
- China’s WTO Accession and Impact on India
- Third Country Competition
- Assessment of Trade Structure: China and India
- Third Market Competitiveness of India and China
- India and China in the US Market
- India and China in the Japanese Market
- India and China in ASEAN Market
- India and China in EU Market
- Global Energy Market: India and China

8. Role of FDI in Foreign Trade

- Pattern of FDI in China
- FDI and India
- Export-orientation in FDI
- India-China Joint Ventures
- Indian Investment in China

9. India and China in AFTA

- Framework Agreement for CEC
- Sub-Regional Agreement
- China and ASEAN
- Areas of Further Cooperation

10. Conclusion


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