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High-tech Industries, Employment and Global Competitiveness

High-tech Industries, Employment and Global Competitiveness

S.R. Hashim and N.S. Siddharthan

Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Hard Bound Book (6¼" x 8 ½"): Pages: x+268
2008 Edition ISBN: 978-0-415-46090-3
Price: Rs. 650.00

about the book

High-tech, knowledge-based industries like information technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals have played an important role in the transition of the India and Chinese economies—the two largest and fastest developing economies in the world today. This process has been characteristically marked by the expanding reach of multinational enterprises, flows of foreign direct investment, unprecedented advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) and knowledge-based industries, and infusion of ICT across the entire spectrum of industries and activities.

This interdisciplinary book offers an in-depth understanding of the behaviour of firms in these industries, analyzing the strategies they adopt in a globally competitive environment, the role they played in ushering in the growth revolution in China and India, and the contribution they have made to the nature and growth of employment. Findings are based mostly on data collected through fieldwork and surveys. The book also discusses the emerging nature of scientific and technological developments, suggesting that in the future, knowledge and technology will become the real sources of wealth for nations.

This book will be of particular interest to those in the fields of economics, international business, and industrial and technological development management.

about the editors

S.R. Hashim is Director, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi; President, India Water Partnership; and Vice-President, Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing.

N.S. Siddharthan is Member-Secretary and Honorary Director, Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing adn honorary Professor of Economics, Madras School of Economics.


  • G. Baskaran
  • Filip De Beule
  • Daniel Van Den Bulcke
  • S.R. Hashim
  • P.V. Indiresan
  • Atsushi Kato
  • Kaushalesh Lal
  • Balwant Singh Mehta
  • Arup Mitra
  • K. Narayanan
  • Stanley Nollen
  • Aya Okada
  • B.L. Pandit
  • Sandip Sarkar
  • N.S. Siddharatna
  • Luodan Xu
  • Haiyan Zhang

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