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National Conference on

India's Industrialization: How to Overcome the Stagnation?



In the context of the on-going national efforts to further develop India’s manufacturing sector, and at the suggestion of a few senior scholars from different organizations, the Institute had organised a Workshop "Revisiting Industrial Policy to Rejuvenate India’s Manufacturing Sector" on 29 March 2013.  The discussions during the Workshop reinforced the need for a more intense debate on the sector based on in-depth analysis of various related issues.   As a follow up to the Workshop the Institute is organising the National Conference "India’s Industrialization: How to Overcome the Stagnation?" at its premises during 19-21 December 2013.  

A number of senior scholars will be presenting about 20 papers on various related issues.  Scholars, industry representatives, teachers, analysts and administrators are expected to participate in the conference and enrich its deliberations.  The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) has kindly agreed to extend support to the Conference.

Prof. K.S. Chalapati Rao is coordinating the Conference on behalf of the Institute.  Those interested to participate may drop a line to him at isid.conf@gmail.com.  He can also be reached on 011-2676-4607 or 91365-34409.



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