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Workshop on

Audio-Visual Media as a Tool in Research

for Research Scholars & Teachers

Objective of the course

The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) is organizing a six-day Workshop on the Audio-Visual Media as a Tool in Research during 4th to 9th February 2013. Print media is a format with which most researchers and scholars use extensively to bring out their findings and to raise issues. In recent years, Audio-Visual Media (AVM), and the technology needed for its production, is becoming increasingly accessible, both in terms of ease of use, as well as cost. Digital media is being used by government departments, corporate houses, NGO’s and other organizations. However, social scientists and researchers in academic institutions have yet not fully realized the potential of integrating audio-visuals in their work.

The focus of the workshop is to familiarise the participants with AVM tools and motivate researchers and academics to use this medium as a tool, to not only enhance the content but also reach a wider audience and have greater impact of their research. Broad elements of the programme are: (i) understanding AVM -- mass media in India, corporate communication, development communication; (ii) AVM as a tool in research -- providing visual insight, supplementing other data, confirming or refuting findings, collecting video based data-subjectivity, authenticity and ethical issues; (iii) presentation and dissemination -- effective communication of research findings, presentation skills and the new technology, integrating audio-visual data into powerpoint presentations, the internet; (iv) AVM production techniques -- understanding the technology, basic camera equipment, editing software, streaming video; and (v) hands-on production of AV output. The course is sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi. 

Target Group and Selection Process

Young researchers/teachers in academic institutions, colleges and university departments who are primarily from the social sciences discipline and whose work requires field surveys are eligible to apply. The batch will consists of 20 participants and selection will be India basis based on relevance of research topic. A nominal fee would be charged from the participants @INR800/- for lecturer or equivalent; @INR400/- for scholars getting fellowship and @INR200/- for those without any fellowship or financial support. The selected scholars will be paid to and fro 2nd class railway fare from the place of study/work. For outstation participants there is provision for boarding and lodging in Delhi for the duration of the programme.

Those desirous of participating in the programme may kindly send their brief CV along with a write-up of around 1,000 words on their research topic so as to reach the Programme Coordinator, preferably through email at avmprog@isid.org.in, on or before December 15, 2012. Further details and programme updates are regularly posted at <http://isid.org.in/avmprog.html>.

for Further details and programme updates contact

Programme Coordinator
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
4 Institutional Area Phase II, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110070 INDIA

Telephone: +91 11 2676 4601
Fax: +91 11 2612 2448
Email: avmprog@isid.org.in


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