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about the Refresher Course

The Corporate Sector, Indian Economic Development and Globalization

November 01-22, 2008

This is a course built around the perspective that there is a growing importance of the private corporate sector in shaping the tempo and pattern of development in an Indian economy that is increasingly integrating with the world economy. Consequently, the course will seek to expose the participating teachers to both the empirical trends as well as contemporary analysis in three related areas. The Corporate Sector in Contemporary India shall constitute one major component of the course in which shall be covered a variety of topics related to the structure and nature of the Indian corporate sector, and the trends and patterns of change taking place in these. The Structure and Dynamics of the Global Economy would be the central theme of the second component which shall focus on the central features of the process of Globalization. Major issues relating to and the debates on India’s Current Development Trajectory will be covered in a third component. In addition the course includes a fourth part, on Sources of Data and Computer Applications, which shall introduce the participants to some of the basic empirical material for research in the above three areas and the potential assistance technology can provide in accessing and using this material (this part will include a practical component too).

The resource persons for the Refresher Course shall be drawn from the Institute’s own faculty, the large pool of experts/academics in the Universities and Research Institutes that are located in Delhi in large numbers, and professionals with specialized practical expertise.

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